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Dr. Navid Nikaein

Title:  RAN Slicing and Control: Challenges, Technologies, and Tools


Navid Nikaein is an Associate Professor in Communication System Department at Eurecom. He received his Ph.D. degree in communication systems from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology EPFL in 2003. He is currently leading a group on experimental 4G-5G system research related to radio access and core networks with a blend of communication, computing, and data analysis with concrete use-cases. He is very active in collaborative research projects related to 5G and beyond in the context of industry-driven projects as well European FP6, FP7, H2020 framework programmes. He is also leading the development of the radio access layer of OpenAirInterface and its evolution towards 5G as well as coordinating the Mosaic-5G initiative whose goal is to provide software-based 4G/5G service delivery platforms.


The softwarization of network processing components coupled with virtualization of network infrastructure constitutes the foundation for a multi-service
and multi-tenant architecture. In this context, radio access network (RAN) slicing and control are emerging as a key enabler to flexibly customize and manage virtualized base stations in runetime while sharing the radio resources among them, with the objective of accommodating operators, service providers, over-the-top, and service providers’ requirements.

This tutorial will shed light on the challenges, solutions and technologies, and enabling tools focusing on opensource tools to realize network slicing with data-driven control in 5G leveraging machine learning (ML) techniques. Particularly, the tutorial will also rely on concrete prototypes and solutions with alternative RAN slicing and control approaches to assess how the performance guarantee and isolation properties are provided to each
slice and how the runtime control is used to optimize the network and service objectives.

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