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10th International Conference on Cognitive Radio Oriented Wireless Networks

April 21–23, 2015 | Doha, Qatar


Operators around the world have either rolled out LTE networks or are in the process of doing so. At the same time industry, governments and researchers are already busy looking at requirements and technology options for the next generation of mobile communication systems, also known as 5G. Several 5G initiatives have been announced, including 5G PPP in Europe, 5G Forum in Korea, IMT-2020 in China and ARIB 2020 in Japan.

While network densification and technologies to improve spectral efficiency, such as massive MIMO, are considered as important, a consensus seems to be emerging that a “big-leap” from 4G to 5G would not be feasible without the availability of, possibly much more, new spectrum. However, how much spectrum would be required, where it should come from and what new technologies are needed is the subject of intense debate and research.

The theme of this year’s Crowncom 2015 panel, therefore, is Spectrum for 5G. Proposals are solicited that would debate (and shed light on) aspects of this important topic, including (but not limited to)

  • Required Spectrum characteristics, technology options and regulatory aspects of 5G
  • The role of cognitive radio and dynamic spectrum sharing in 5G
  • Technologies for unlocking new spectrum above 6 GHz for 5G, including mmWave communication
  • Spectrum requirements and options for machine-type communications/IoT

Proposal should include the description of panel and its timeliness including short bio of prospective panellists. Complete proposals should be submitted to [email protected] by Feb 1, 2015.