Best Paper Awards

The Organizing Committee of the EAI CROWNCOM 2021 is delighted to announce the Best Paper Awards:

Gesture Recognition Controls Image Style Transfer Based on Improved YOLOV5s Algorithm

Jiangfan Xie (Hebei Normal University)
Huilong Jin  (Hebei Normal University)
Tian Wen (Hebei Normal University)
Ruiyan Du (Hebei Normal University)

Confidential Communications for Mobile UAV Relaying Network

Chenglan Ji (Dalian Maritime University)
Zhenyu Na (Dalian Maritime University)
Zilong Feng (Dalian Maritime University)

Spectrum Sensing Performance of Cognitive Radio Optimized by Soft Decision Fusion Threshold

Wang Gefan (Hebei Normal University)
Sun Xuefei (Hebei Normal University)
Liu Chungang (Hebei Normal University)