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Special Session: ORCA, From Demonstrations to Deployment

General introduction to demos: the ORCA wireless-controlled factory
Sofie Pollin, Professor, KU Leuven-ESAT

Demo 1 – 26 GHz mm-Wave communication for video streaming
Roberto Bomfin, TU Dresden

A camera is installed on a mobile robot for live inspection of the factory, it leverages on mmWave uplink with moderate throughput, a low-latency and reliable transmission at the downlink for the beam control, providing the capability of dynamic control on the physical layer (PHY).

Demo 2 – Low latency context-aware IoT control
imec-IDLab-UGent & KU Leuven-ESAT
presented by Seyed Al Hassani, Research assistant, KU Leuven-ESAT

Robots on the assembly line are simultaneously controlled via an SDR based multi-channel IoT gateway offering user-controlled service on each channel, while a Doppler radar senses the environment (e.g., speed of moving parts in nearby machines) to provide context-awareness.

Demo 3 – Distributed End-to-end Network Slicing and Orchestration

imec-IDLab-UGent & Trinity College Dublin
presented by Joao Santos, PhD researcher, Trinity College Dublin

Industrial applications with diverging service requirements can coexist on top of a shared infrastructure, leveraging end-to-end network slicing, enabled through a distributed orchestration of resources across multiple network segments.

Demo 4 – AGV navigation based on multiple radio access technologies(RAT)
Clemens Felber, NI, Dresden, Germany

AGVs in the ORCA warehouse rely on multi-RAT and control in the cloud to transfer parts between the assembly and the storage. The usage of multiple RATs provides high reliability, and reduced latency links for remote control.

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