Accepted papers


  • Sum Rate Maximization for NOMA-based UAV Networks – Zhang, Hao
  • Active user blind detection through deep learning – Morin, Cyrille; Duchemin, Diane; GOURSAUD, Claire; Gorce, Jean-Marie; Cardoso, Leonardo
  • Efficient Clustering Schemes Towards Information Collection – Cichon, Krzysztof; Kliks, Adrian
  • Scalability and Replicability of Spectrum for Private 5G Network Business: Insights into Radio Authorization Policies – Ojanen, Pekka; Yrjölä, Seppo
  • Data-Driven Intelligent Management of Energy Constrained Autonomous Vehicles in Smart Cities – Ren, Yingzhu; Cui, Qimei; Zhao, Xiyu; Wang, Yingze; Huang, Xueqing; Ni, Wei
  • A priced-Deferred Acceptance (p-DA) Technique for D2D Communication in Factories of the Future – Sanusi, Idayat; Nasr, Karim; Moessner, Klaus
  • Demonstrating Spectrally Efficient Asynchronous Coexistence for Machine Type Communication: A Software Defined Radio Approach – Handagala, Suranga; Leeser, Miriam
  • Spectrum Sensing Based on Dynamic Primary User With Additive Laplacian Noise in Cognitive Radio – Trivedi, Yogesh; Sinha, Khushboo
  • Novel Spectrum Administration and Management Approaches Transform 5G Towards Open Ecosystemic Business Models? – Yrjölä, Seppo; Ojanen, Pekka
  • Moving from 5G in Verticals to Sustainable 6G: Business, Regulatory and Technical Research Prospects – Marja Matinkko, Seppo Yrjölä, Petri Ahokangas
  • Blind Source Separation for Wireless Networks: a Tool for Topology Sensing – Enrico Testi, Elia Favarelli, Andrea Giorgetti
  • A Primer on Large Intelligent Surface (LIS) in an Industrial Setting – Cristian Jesús Vaca Rubio, Pablo Ramírez Espinosa, Robin Jess Williams, Kimmo Kansanen, Zheng-Hua Tan, Elisabeth de Carvalho, Petar Popovski


  • Distance Estimation for Database-assisted Autonomous Platooning – Paweł Kryszkiewicz; Michal Sybis; Pawel Sroka; Adrian Kliks
  • A Non-zero Sum Power Control Game with Uncertainty – Andrey Garnaev